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Anso Nylon Colorwall Carpet!!!!

 Anso Nylon Colorwall Carpet

Starting at $3.89 sq. ft

Lifetime/20 Warranty

• Lifetime stain resistance warranty including certain pet stains

• Lifetime soil resisitance warranty

• 20-year quality assurance warranty

• 20-year texture retention warranty

• 20-year abrasive wear warranty

• 30-day customer satisfaction warranty guarantee

Also featuring Shaw's patented R2X Stain + Soil Resistance system & odor reduction. 

Recyclable Anso nylon

Fiber: 100% Anso BCF Nylon 

Carpet/10# Pad/Installation included


Carpets from the Anso nylon Colorwall are available in 80 vibrant colors, 12 fabulous styles and two elegant and soft constructions. 

Design Texture Platinum installed with 10# pad
NOW $4.79 Sq. Ft.
Design Texture Gold installed with 10# pad
NOW $4.19 Sq. Ft
Design Texture Silver installed with 10# pad
NOW $3.89 Sq. Ft.
Did we mention that Anso nylon Carpets are recyclable!?!?! When your finished with your carpet, instead of sending to a landfill after tearout, Anso nylon Carpets go back to the factory to be recycled and turned into new GREEN carpet. Good for the Earth and stylish for your home!
The Construction:
Texture: Enjoy the plush look and feel of smoothly cut yarns, beautifully finished with a satiny, lowlustre surface.
Anso nylon carpets come with R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System offering a lifetime Stain and Soil Warranty. the superior repellency keeps liquids on the surface of your carpet where they can be easily removed. (Anso nylon also warrants against pet urine stains!)